Science Committee

NERC is adapting its governance and advisory structures to provide increased agility and broader expertise in light of new opportunities within UK Research & Innovation (UKRI).

To complete the governance transition, the Science Board has transitioned to the Science Committee in May 2019.

The Science Committee will bring broad strategic perspective and expertise to support the development and delivery of the UKRI-NERC strategic priorities, investments and policies. It will advise the Executive and Council across NERC's research, innovation, training and national capability portfolio, and will recommend NERC strategic research and innovation investments.

The Science Committee will provide advice on:

  • How to support an excellent and sustainable UK environmental science community that seizes opportunities, in UKRI and international contexts, to achieve the following goals:
    • to advance the frontiers of knowledge
    • to address government, UKRI and NERC strategic priorities
    • to deliver beneficial economic and social impacts.
  • Priority areas for future rounds of NERC strategic research and innovation investment.
  • Environmental science priorities for the UKRI Infrastructures Roadmap, and for NERC capital investment.
  • Commissioning, effectiveness and performance of NERC investments including:
    • discovery science
    • strategic research and innovation
    • postgraduate training and fellowships
    • national capability
    • scientific infrastructure and capital
    • international partnership and subscriptions
    • public engagement.
  • NERC funding policy for all of the above funding streams.

The Science Committee will provide recommendations for new NERC investment:

  • strategic research and innovation programmes - assess submitted proposals against published criteria and recommend which proposals should be funded by NERC
  • strategic research and innovation highlight topics - assess submitted ideas for highlight topic against published criteria and recommend which should go forward to a funding call, and at what level of expenditure.