Centre Assurance Boards

The Centre Assurance Boards (CABs) were established in 2016 following a review of internal governance and management arrangements. The revised structure meets the need to deliver management of NERC as a commissioner including its national capability requirements through three bodies: the NERC Management Board (NMB), the National Capability Partners' Forum (NCPF) and the Centre Assurance Boards (CABs).

The Centre Assurance Boards (CABs) provide a forum to review the comprehensiveness and reliability of assurances on governance, risk management, the control environment and financial statements for the following research centres:

  • British Antarctic Survey (BAS)
  • NERC Centre for Atmospheric Sciences (NCAS)
  • NERC Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO)

The purpose of the CABs is to provide assurance to the NERC Executive Chair that neither party is exposed to unacceptable or unknown risk and legal obligations, which flow from Managing Public Money, are being fulfilled. The scope of each CAB should encompass all the assurance needs of the NERC Executive Chair.