Joint Capital Advisory Group

The Joint Capital Advisory Group (JCAG) is a key part of the NERC capital funding model that will help to identify and advise NERC on new capital priorities. JCAG is formed of representatives from our key advisory boards including the Science Board (SB), the Strategic Programme Advisory Group (SPAG), the Training Advisory Board Group (TAB) and the Innovation Advisory Board (IAB); it also includes representatives from higher education institutions and research centres. To check the register of declared interests for a JCAG member, visit the webpage of the board to which that member belongs.

The membership of JCAG is:

Professor Steve Banwart - external link - (Chair)
University of Leeds, SPAG

Dr Jenny Collier - external link -
Imperial College London, Science Board

Professor Keith Davidson - external link -
Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), TAB

Dr Isabelle Durance - external link -
Cardiff University, SPAG

Professor Rob MacKenzie - external link -
University of Birmingham, SPAG

Professor Simon Redfern - external link -
University of Cambridge, Science Board

Dr Katherine Royse - external link -
British Geological Survey, IAB

Dr Mike Salter - external link -
AB Agri, IAB

Professor David Vaughan - external link -
British Antarctic Survey, Science Board

JCAG members are appointed for one year in the first instance, with the possibility that membership will be extended for up to a further two years.