NERC logos

Use of NERC logos

The consistent use of the NERC identity across all our corporate materials helps build recognition and familiarity with our identity.

We expect all NERC-funded students, researchers and investments to display the NERC logo on any promotional and corporate material including publications, reports, presentations, websites and stationery.

Our logo and identity guidelines explain when the different versions of the NERC logo should be used and instructions on how to use them.

Professional designers working on NERC corporate materials or using the NERC logo for a third party must also work to these guidelines.

NERC logo and identity guidelines (PDF, 1.3MB)

The NERC logos and those of our centres, BAS, BGS and CEH, are registered trademarks in the UK and other countries. You may not use these logos, electronically or in print, without written permission from the trademark owner. NERC-funded students, researchers and investments do not have to seek permission but must adhere to the logo guidelines.

Logo files

NERC logos are available to download from this site as EPS files (for print) or as a set of ready-to-use logos (for web use). You must not modify the logos in any way, or create your own from scratch.

Web graphics will almost always be unsuitable for use in print, because the resolution is not high enough to give a crisp image and the colours are slightly different from monitor screen colours.

Logo files must always be used in accordance with our logo guidelines.

Print logos   Web logos


If you have questions about logo use, which are not covered in the guidelines, please contact:

For print logos:

UKRI communications team

For web logos:

UKRI web team