Tell us your story

We are here to gain positive and accurate coverage of NERC's activities and achievements across a range of media. But for this to happen we need to hear from members of the NERC community about news that could be of interest to the wider world.

If you are a NERC-funded researcher and have an upcoming paper, conference talk or media release, please email us at or alternatively you can contact a member of the media team directly.

If you're not sure whether your story is strong enough for us to consider, please submit it anyway and we can assess it for its news value. We can nearly always disseminate findings through at least one channel.

If you contact us by email, please clearly state the following details so that we can assess your story:

  • Your name.
  • Your contact details (email, telephone number).
  • Your institution.
  • Grant number (if known).
  • The nature of your story (have you had a paper accepted for publication, are you representing NERC at an event, are you working with industrial partners, etc).
  • A short layman's summary of your story, including any unique selling points (it is the first of its kind etc).
  • Whether your story is time-sensitive or restricted by an embargo.

If you need to attach any large images or video files with your story, please let the team know before sending as excessively large files will be blocked by our email servers. We can suggest alternative ways for you to send the file to us.