How we can help

The NERC media office is here to help NERC-funded researchers with all aspects of media relations. As well as helping to promote new research or key corporate news, we can also offer more general advice about working with the media.

What we offer

  • Advice on dealing with media requests or interviews.
  • A recommendation on how to put your research in front of the right audience using the most appropriate channels to get the best impact.
  • Advice on dealing with difficult or controversial issues.
  • Bespoke media training to prepare you to talk to the media about a contentious issue.
  • Advice on using social media to promote your work or NERC more generally.
  • Help to promote your work if you're going to appear in the media.
  • Coverage of your research in news articles on Planet Earth and in Planet Earth Podcasts.
  • Details of media coverage of our science.

When to contact us

  • If you're a member of NERC staff and a journalist contacts you directly. See our tips and advice for working with the media for more information.
  • If you're a NERC-funded researcher and:
    • You've had a research paper accepted for publication in a scientific journal
    • You're presenting findings at a scientific conference
    • You're soon to go on a field trip, expedition or cruise
    • You would like to be included in our experts database so that we can pass your contact details to journalists and radio or television production companies.

Please feel free to contact the media office if you need more information or would like advice.