Training for NERC-funded fellows

NERC offers a variety of training to its fellows, both research and innovation, to complement their research and equip them with a variety of skills to support their career development.

Information concerning currently available training is available below:


This course introduces the media and demystifies the journalism process. Participants will understand what journalists want for different media as well as how to give a good radio interview, provide quotes and record podcasts.


This course will providing powerful tools you can use immediately to increase the impact of your research.

Challenge of science leadership

At the end of this course, participants will be able to lead and influence more effectively, achieve greater success in collaborative research projects, communicate more effectively with stakeholders, and share good practice.

Social science techniques for natural scientists

This course introduces NERC scientists to a range of methodologies, approaches and concepts that support social science research. The aim is to upskill researchers to aid their collection and analysis of data, and its dissemination in natural science, social science, public, and policy forums.

Additional information

Please note that NERC will support the costs of delivering this training but fellows need to cover their own travel costs to attend. Information concerning accommodation costs are set out on the individual course pages.

If the course is full, you can request to be added to the waiting list for that course. For this and any other queries regarding the courses or logistics, please contact:

Anna Walker
01793 444375