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This page contains information relevant to current and prospective NERC PhD supervisors.

Studentship terms & conditions

The research council training grants terms and conditions - external link have been revised and will apply to all NERC training grants from 1 May 2014.

Studentship handbook

The NERC studentships handbook contains all of the terms and conditions relevant to all studentships offered by NERC that started before 1 May 2014. The handbook covers topics such as maternity leave, financial conditions and termination of a studentship.

Frequently asked questions

Read the answers to questions asked frequently by NERC supervisors regarding their studentships and the relevant terms and conditions given in the NERC studentships handbook (please note, the answers within these FAQs will only affect studentships that commenced prior to 1 May 2014):

Frequently asked questions - NERC supervisors (PDF, 72KB)

Submitting student details

For all new studentships, where funding is provided on a training grant or a research grant, a nomination form is no longer required in advance of the student starting. Student details should be submitted within a month of starting through the Je-S Studentship Details Portal (SDP). Details of the project and any CASE partner should be submitted along with the student details, through the SDP.

Data should be submitted via the 'Add New Document' option - select 'NERC', then 'Studentship Details', then one of eight categories: NERC CDT; NERC DTP; NERC Industrial CASE Studentships; NERC MTG Scheme; NERC Open CASE Studentship; NERC Project Studentship; NERC Research Studentship (Algorithm); NERC Research Studentship (Directed).

Updating student details data

Data should be updated as required during the course of the studentship, in particular changes to the students email address, so NERC can contact them. Updates should be made where a student terminates or there is a change of supervisor or involvement of a new CASE/project partner. Where changes are made to the expected submission date, beyond the standard four years from the start date (due to abeyance, maternity, part-time working, etc.) supervisors should contact the NERC Talent & Skills Team (details shown below) to explain the requirement for the extension (until this detail can be recorded on the Je-S SDP screens).

Submission of PhD student data

NERC expects a PhD research student to submit a thesis no later than four years after the start of the studentship, except where they have had an abeyance period (eg for maternity or illness) or have changed to part-time working, when the expected submission date can be extended accordingly.

NERC collects submission data from universities on an annual basis. Submission data for all NERC-funded students will now be collected via the Je-S PhD/Masters Submissions Survey.

Any questions on submitting data through either the Je-S SDP or the Je-S submission data survey should be addressed to the Je-S helpdesk (details shown below).

Late final expenditure submission

Sanctions incurred by research organisations due to late submission of NERC grant Final Expenditure Statements will be strictly applied for statements due after 1 July 2011. This is in accordance with the financial conditions detailed in the NERC studentship handbook, paragraph 103. The appropriate financial sanction will be automatically applied by the UKRI Shared Services Centre.

Disabled Students' Allowances

If a student has a long-term disability, and as a result of that disability they are obliged to incur additional expenditure in connection with their studies, they may be eligible for extra allowances, known as Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA). All research council funded students are eligible for these allowances.

Disabled Students' Allowances cover costs relating to additional general expenses, items of equipment, or non-medical assistance during the term of the studentship. Research councils will consider meeting only those costs that are incurred directly and solely as a consequence of taking up a studentship to pursue postgraduate study.

For more information, see the funding for research training - external link page of the UKRI website.

Please note: the research organisation hosting the studentship applies for DSA and not the student themselves. Research organisations are able to claim back eligible costs at the end of the academic year by submitting a completed DSA claim form to the research councils by 31 October.

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