Individual Merit Promotion case studies and timelines

Case studies of a number of successful IMP candidates are available below.

Dr Paul Barrett, Natural History Museum (PDF, 121KB)

Dr Greg Edgecombe, Natural History Museum (PDF, 370KB)

Dr Brenda Howard, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (PDF, 132KB)

Dr Marisa Martin-Fernandez, Central Laser Facility (PDF, 145KB)

Professor Pavel Matousek, Central Laser Facility (PDF, 163KB)

Professor Mike Meredith, British Antarctic Survey (PDF, 153KB)

Professor Beth Okamura, Natural History Museum (PDF, 239KB)

Dr Toby Pennington, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh (PDF, 116KB)

Dr Emrys Phillips, British Geological Survey (PDF, 209KB)

Dr Paula Rudall, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (PDF, 465KB)

Professor David Vaughan, British Antarctic Survey (PDF, 133KB)

Time profiles of three of our successful IMP female candidates are available below. These illustrate ways in which women have balanced successful careers in research with family life.

Timelines (PDF, 288KB)

These timelines mirror the Royal Society funded Mothers in Science (PDF, 7·8MB) - external link document.