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Ambitious science mission sets off for Antarctica

09-Sep-2013 - the ground In January 2014 a team will sail into the Amundsen Sea on board the RRS James Clark Ross to spend 30 days putting a range

Delivery Plan 2016-2020 (PDF, 879KB)

03-May-2016 - capital to replace two older ships with a single new vessel the RSS Sir David Attenborough that provides 100m lifetime savings in operating costs 2 6

First highlight topic projects funded

26-Oct-2015 - transformations exposure uptake and effects in freshwater and soil systems £1 million Dr David Spurgeon Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Annual Report & Accounts 2013-2014 (PDF, 3.04MB)

17-Jul-2015 - Investing in world class research infrastructure The official naming of the new RRS Discovery in November marked the final stages of a 75 million project which

New ship for UK marine science handed over to NERC

09-Jul-2013 - Research Council NERC by its builder CNP Freire SA in Vigo northern Spain The Royal Research Ship RRS Discovery represents a £75m

Queen's Birthday Honours

24-Jun-2014 - Birthday Honours in recognition of his services Ed has been the project officer for RRS Discovery and James Cook and has been awarded an MBE

Into The Blue

03-Jun-2016 - live and breathe Key dates 4 7 October 2016 RRS Discovery in Liverpool 25 29 October 2016 Into The Blue showcase

NERC Council summary 8-10 March 2016 (PDF, 63KB)

11-May-2016 - Summary of discussions 10 March 2016 Wroughton Swindon Members present Sir Anthony Cleaver Chair Mr N Folland Ms L Heasman Professor AL Heathwaite

Marine facilities

16-Jan-2015 - of science a year on the ships operated by the National Marine Facilities NMF at the National Oceanography Centre NOC the RRS James Cook and the RRS

Role of the Southern Ocean in the Earth System (RoSES)

27-Sep-2016 - Team David Barnes BAS Benthos David Ferreira University of Reading David Marshall University of Oxford