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Forked tongues: The evolution of human languages

23-Mar-2012 - 23 March 2012 by Mark Pagel Humans have the dubious distinction of being perhaps the only species whose members cannot all communicate with

Abundant bugs bring better apples

15-Jan-2014 - 15 January 2014 by Alex Peel Apples from trees pollinated by insects are bigger rounder and more desirable according to new research

Increasing Resilience to Natural Hazards In Earthquake-prone regions in China, Announcement of Opportunity: Research funding

21-Apr-2015 - Please note that section 4 1 of the Announcement of Opportunity has been updated with important additional clarification on 21 May 2015 Please note

Blind as a bat: Finding your way home in the dark

04-Oct-2013 - 4 October 2013 by Richard Holland How do bats navigate by night Richard Holland has been doing ingenious experiments to find out "

Flood research by numbers

19-Oct-2018 - 19 October 2018 by Sylvie Kruiniger NERC flood science saves lives homes and businesses Here are a few fast facts on some of our successes

Harvesting light

21-Nov-2008 - 21 November 2008 by Sebastian Hennige To protect coral reefs we need to understand how they respond to stressful conditions and that s proving

Building Resilience event highlights the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration

13-Mar-2018 - 13 March 2018 Researchers from across the UK the globe and from a wide variety of disciplines gathered last week to address the building of resilience

The science of sustainable drainage

07-Nov-2014 - Sustainable Drainage Systems map 7 November 2014 by Tom Marshall As the floods that struck Britain in early 2014 made all too clear

Plants use underground networks to warn of enemy attack

10-May-2013 - 10 May 2013 by Alex Peel Plants use underground fungal networks to warn their neighbours of aphid attack UK scientists have discovered

Chancellor announces £31 million for subsurface research

19-Jan-2015 - 19 January 2015 Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne last week announced that the government will allocate £31 million of funding