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Annual Report & Accounts 2009-2010 (PDF, 4.88MB)

02-Mar-2015 - committed 75 million to a state of the art research ship to replace the ageing RRS Discovery We also contributed to the successful launch of CryoSat 2 the


07-Oct-2016 - micro sensor technologies and polar infrastructure e g the RRS Sir David Attenborough to assess the rate and controls of carbon content change in

Planet Earth - Summer 2016 (PDF, 2.14MB)

17-Jun-2016 - House North Star Avenue Swindon SN2 1EU ISSN 1479 2605 Front cover RRS Ernest Shackleton Image BAS In this issue 4 News Icelandic earthquakes

IMP leaflet (PDF, 345KB)

02-Mar-2015 - assessment for promotion Panel Membership 2016 2017 Chair Professor David Fowler CBE FRS FRSE Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Professor Mary

Groundwater: The threat beneath our feet

13-Feb-2017 - David Macdonald at home in Oxford experiencing groundwater flooding at first hand 13 February 2017 by Barry Hague Groundwater

New images capture Into the blue spirit

03-Oct-2016 - RRS Discovery and fly past by the FAAM aircraft 3 October 2016 Pictured together for the first time two of NERC s key

Deep-sea fish stocks threatened

11-Mar-2009 - as deep as previously thought Dr David Bailey of the University of Glasgow who led the study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal

Research councils' Individual Merit Promotion (IMP)

05-Dec-2014 - Survey NERC promoted to IMP3 Professor Juliet Brodie Natural History Museum promoted to IMP3 Professor David Emerson Science &

You heard it here first: An unofficial history of Britain in Antarctica

30-Nov-2012 - of Overseas Surveys 1953 60 BAS 1984 88 "Women didn t go further south then it just was not done Sir Raymond 1 was from the heroic age women

Ambitious science mission sets off for Antarctica

09-Sep-2013 - the ground In January 2014 a team will sail into the Amundsen Sea on board the RRS James Clark Ross to spend 30 days putting a range