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UK-India research gets bigger and better, with joint investment at more than £200 million

13-Nov-2015 - 13 November 2015 The value of investment in UK India research from the UK research councils the government of India and third parties now exceeds

Resource Recovery From Waste: Challenges for the health of the environment news

12-Mar-2015 -

New international partnerships on antimicrobial resistance, climate change and soil security

22-Jan-2019 - 22 January 2019 New international collaborations to tackle antimicrobial resistance AMR in the environment prepare for health risks posed by climate

Whales, worms and the story of life

18-Jan-2013 - An individual Osedax mucofloris 18 January 2013 by Dr Nick Higgs What s the point of studying dead whales and the worms that eat

Case studies

05-Dec-2014 - Read case studies which demonstrate the impact our science strategic partnerships and funded research have on society and the world we live in

Reflective crops could soften climate change blow

20-Jan-2009 - 20 January 2009 by Tom Marshall Shinier crops could help lessen the impact of climate change according to new research Planting varieties

Chinese New Year fireworks harm health

10-Feb-2013 - 10 February 2013 by Harriet Jarlett This Sunday people around the world will celebrate Chinese New Year with firework displays and sparklers

Announcement of Opportunity: Landscape Decisions mathematical and statistical challenges - Second call

27-Jun-2019 - Closing date 16 00 on 10 September 2019 UK Research & Innovation UKRI invite proposals to this call on the Strategic Priorities Fund

Uncertainty in climate sensitivity due to clouds news

12-Mar-2019 -

Why submitting your science outcomes matters to the environmental sciences

20-Feb-2019 - 20 February 2019 As the deadline for submitting outcomes to Researchfish ® approaches on 14 March 2019 Professor Mark Bailey Director