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New £10 million Changing Arctic Ocean research programme kicks off

10-Jul-2017 - will join forces on board the RRS James Clark Ross to investigate the knock on effects of rapid warming and sea ice loss in the Arctic region Some

What is biodiversity?

15-Jun-2017 - 15 June 2017 by David Raffaelli Over the next few weeks we ll be publishing a number of articles about biodiversity Biodiversity

Chief Scientist workshop 2018 - slides (PDF, 9.13MB)

01-Oct-2018 - needed For the RRS Sir David Attenborough BAS will also provide a Lab manager If a BAS NC cruise is scheduled on NMF ship RRS Discovery/James Cook

Annual Report & Accounts 2017-18 (PDF, 2.32MB)

02-Mar-2015 - and economy Construction has been progressing well on the RRS Sir David Attenborough during the year one of the most advanced polar research vessels

New Board created for the British Geological Survey

13-Mar-2018 - future NERC and Sir Keith O Nions the BGS Chair have appointed a high quality Board of non executive directors to support the Board Chair

The Changing Arctic Ocean workshop invited speakers' presentations (PDF, 42.28MB)

11-Nov-2015 - 1 MARS gliders in the Arctic DAVID WHITE MARINE AUTONOMOUS AND ROBOTIC SYSTEMS NOC 2 Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems Facility at NOC

Going underground, again

14-Dec-2010 - Drilling boreholes 14 December 2010 by David Evans With domestic supplies dwindling gas storage has become a major issue

Podcast: Turning disused quarries into nature reserves

06-Aug-2013 - Jim Stevenson of Paxton Pits Nature Reserve Cas Jewell of Nature after Minerals and David Payne from the Mineral Products Association explain how

Annual Report & Accounts 2011-2012 (PDF, 6.12MB)

02-Mar-2015 - environment that NERC provides a fact acknowledged by Science Minister David Willetts in his speech to the insurance sector in March this year As our

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

13-Apr-2016 - College London Dr Claire Craig Royal Society Professor David Fowler for the Royal Society Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Professor