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NERC projects on oil and gas field decommissioning highlighted by Prime Minister

28-Jan-2016 - Minister David Cameron As part of its Oil & Gas Innovation Programme NERC has invited proposals for 12 month projects with a focus

NERC launches UK-wide photo competition to capture your #Enviromoment

06-Sep-2017 - in a lifetime experience will be on offer to winners in each category an expenses paid invitation to the official naming ceremony of the RRS Sir David

Construction partner chosen to modernise Antarctic infrastructure

04-Jan-2017 - research vessel the RRS Sir David Attenborough BAM whose UK arm BAM Nuttall was responsible for iconic structures such as the Royal Liver

Boaty McBoatface returns home with unprecedented data

28-Jun-2017 - in the Antarctic region and shaping a global effort to tackle climate change Future Boaty missions and the new RRS Sir David Attenborough research

ARAC agenda - November 2017 (PDF, 54KB)

21-Mar-2018 - Critical Projects Halley relocation GRO Rothera modernisation Sir David Attenborough UK SBS/Oracle P Fox Oral 7 10 35 NAO update

NERC Council summary 19 May 2016 (PDF, 65KB)

06-Jul-2016 - discussions 19 May 2016 London Members present Professor IL Boyd Sir A Cleaver Chair Ms J Davenport Mr N Folland Ms L Heasman Professor AL

State-of-the-art research vessel visits Liverpool

05-Oct-2016 - Discovery and Sir David Attenborough and the FAAM research aircraft alongside exhibits from NERC funded researchers presenting environmental science

NERC Council summary - 20 October 2016 (PDF, 79KB)

13-Dec-2016 - National Oceanography Centre Southampton Members present Professor IL Boyd Sir A Cleaver Chair Ms J Davenport Mr N Folland Ms L Heasman Professor

UK scientists to join Arctic research ship 'drifting' past North Pole

29-Aug-2018 - research and our new polar ship RRS Sir David Attenborough we will gain a crucial insight into understanding why the Arctic Ocean is warming up

ARAC agenda - February 2018 (PDF, 56KB)

21-Mar-2018 - Update on BCPs including Halley Rothera Modernisation Sir David Attenborough project Governance Responsibilities and Ownership GRO