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Annual Report & Accounts 2012-2013 (PDF, 2.60MB)

02-Mar-2015 - discoveries since the 1950s NERC s new oceanographic research ship the RRS Discovery will be formally launched later this year Also in 2013 BGS

CPEB terms of reference and membership (PDF, 60KB)

08-Feb-2017 - competing ship time bids for science and income earning cruises on the RRS Discovery and RRS James Cook III Monitor any financial gap that opens up between

Fast facts

04-Dec-2014 - in Antarctica including the award winning Halley VI and one in the Arctic three royal research ships RRS Discovery RRS James Cook and RRS James

Planet Earth Winter 2016 - Groundwater: The threat beneath our feet (PDF, 651KB)

03-Feb-2017 - at work understanding and confronting Gaining ground on flood events David Macdonald a senior hydrogeologist at BGS Wallingford is part of a team

BAS Impact case studies (PDF, 398KB)

24-Feb-2015 - following advice from BAS and other scientists and which was announced by the Minister David Willetts in Nov 2012 4 Evidence and sources to corroborate the impact

A new polar research vessel for the UK marine science community: Consultation town meeting

01-Dec-2014 - and will enter service in autumn 2019 It will fulfil the roles of the current UK polar vessels RRS James Clark Ross and RRS Ernest Shackleton

NERC research ship and aircraft photographed together for the first time ahead of Into the blue

06-Sep-2016 - FAAM research aircraft flying by RRS Discovery NERC is a world leading science organisation funding cutting edge research around the globe

How to suggest a name for our new ship

02-Feb-2016 - Ship RRS so her name will be in the format of RRS Name Further information Julia Maddock 01793 411539 julddo nerc ac uk Ships are traditionally referred to as female

Planet Earth - Winter 2010 (PDF, 7.46MB)

03-Mar-2015 - mountainous land Under this is a notebook that belonged to one of the crew of the RRS William Scoresby It opens on a page dated 3 November 1927 which describes

Planet Earth - Winter 2012 (PDF, 4.81MB)

03-Mar-2015 - organisms today In May 2012 I set sail for the North Atlantic on the RRS James Cook part of an international team of scientists on the Changing