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Announcement of Opportunity – Strategic Capital Call 2020

13-Aug-2020 - Further information on the call including eligibility the assessment criteria and how to apply are outlined in the Announcement of Opportunity AO

Announcement of Opportunity - Global Partnerships Seedcorn Fund 2020 (PDF, 407KB)

30-Jan-2020 - Global Partnerships Seedcorn Fund 2020 AO pdf

Global Partnerships Seedcorn Fund - Announcement of Opportunity February 2020

31-Jan-2020 - Announcement of Opportunity Please complete the mandatory online Notification of Intent form by 12 March 2020

UK Climate Resilience Embedded Researcher scheme - Phase two: Embedded Researchers

31-Mar-2020 - nbsp; 18 May 2020

NERC COVID-19 public engagement grant

21-Apr-2020 - Please read the announcement of opportunity for more information Announcement of Opportunity For more information please contact Hannah Lacey

Future of UK Treescapes Programme ambassador

27-Mar-2020 - UPDATE The Announcement of Opportunity was updated on 16 April with a new closing date 21 May 2020 and amended Je S submission details call name

Announcement of Opportunity: Surface Water and Ocean Topography SWOT satellite calibration and validation cal/val

11-Feb-2020 - The successful project must start by 1 August 2020

Webinar: Changing the Environment

14-Sep-2020 - There will be further presentations including an overview of the current Announcement of Opportunity and a chance for attendees to ask questions

Announcement of Opportunity - Drilling Subglacial Lake CECs (PDF, 115KB)

14-Feb-2020 - Announcement of Opportunity Drilling Subglacial Lake CECs UPDATED 01 05 2020 pdf

Announcement of Opportunity: Pushing the Frontiers

27-Feb-2020 - Announcement of opportunity

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