Policy and processes

NERC maintains an extensive portfolio of services and facilities, which support world-leading environmental science. The following manual sets out the policy framework within which NERC's facilities and services should operate.

Please be aware that the Policy & Processes Manual is in the process of being updated, following the management transfer of Services & Facilities to NERC centres.

Policy & Processes Manual (PDF, 169KB)

Change log (PDF, 28KB) - updated January 2014

Annex 1 - List of facilities in current portfolio (PDF, 31KB) - updated January 2014

Annex 2 - List of acronyms (PDF, 14KB)

Annex 3 - Duties and responsibilities of a facility contact point within SFMT (PDF, 17KB) - updated January 2014

Annex 4 - NERC scientific facilities and technology mission statement (PDF, 22KB)

Annex 5 - Template of a data protocol form (Word, 66KB)

Annex 6 - SRG 2012 forms and guidance notes (PDF, 98KB)

Annex 6 - SRG 2012 application form (Word, 133KB)

Annex 6 - SRG 2012 application FEC costs form (Excel, 73KB)

Annex 7 - Template for a contract (Word, 142KB)

Annex 8 - Cost allocation forms and guidelines (PDF, 23KB)

Annex 8 - Cost allocation form (Excel, 76KB)

Annex 9 - OPM exercise briefing note (PDF, 72KB) - updated February 2014

Annex 10 - Annual report form and guidelines (PDF, 210KB)

Annex 10 - Annual report template (Word, 92KB)

Annex 10 - Annual report template - Recognised facilities (Word, 101KB)

Annex 11 - NERC peer review grades and definitions (PDF, 23KB)

Annex 12 - NERC confidentiality policy (PDF, 16KB)

Annex 13 - NERC vested interest policy (PDF, 29KB)

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