Marine facilities - Governance

Cruise Programme Executive Board

The NERC Cruise Programme Executive Board (CPEB) has been convened by NERC Council to oversee the implementation of the funding model for the National Marine Facilities (NMF) ship and technical support operations and to ensure that the science and financial risks associated with the funding model are well managed by NERC in the future.

The role of CPEB includes to:

  • Approve the publication of the NERC cruise programme on an 8-month rolling basis, taking full account of the associated science and financial risks.
  • When required, decide on the priority for programming of competing ship-time bids for science and income earning cruises on the RRS Discovery and RRS James Cook.
  • Look ahead at the planning for RRS Discovery and RRS James Cook and identify at an early stage science and income earning opportunities that NERC should try to take advantage of.
  • Ensure that NERC effectively communicates with the seagoing science community, especially when decisions are made by NERC that have significant consequences for the delivery of NERC science.
  • Consider any major issues/risks that the chairs of the NERC Cruise Programme Review Group and NERC Marine Facilities Advisory Board wish to raise following the meetings of their advisory groups.

CPEB meets twice a year, currently once in the summer and once in the winter.

CPEB terms of reference and membership (PDF, 137KB)

Marine governance structure (PDF, 64KB)

Cruise Programme Review Group

The NERC Cruise Programme Review Group (CPRG) provides objective advice to NERC on all delivery aspects of the operations that make up the NERC cruise programme and monitors outputs from these marine services and facilities. This includes science cruises aboard the NERC research ships operated by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), technical seagoing support provided by National Marine Facilities (NMF) and marine facilities provided through NERC's barter arrangements with other operators.

The role of CPRG includes to:

  • Conduct an annual review of the operations carried out as part of the NERC cruise programme and report to the NERC Cruise Programme Executive Board.
  • Examine issues associated with all aspects of these operations and provide advice to NERC as and when appropriate.
  • Monitor the level of performance of the services and facilities that are provided via the NERC cruise programme.
  • Receive and discuss annual reports from NMF, BAS operations and NERC Marine Planning in order to provide advice and guidance on these reports to NERC.
  • Give advice to NMF and BAS operations (in relation to both ship and technical support).
  • Monitor the procedures and processes used by NMF, BAS and NERC Marine Planning in the provision of ships and facilities, to provide assurance to NERC that an effective, efficient and coordinated service is being provided to the marine science community.
  • Advise NERC on resource requirements for provision of the NERC cruise programme.

CPRG meets annually in the summer for a two-day meeting to review the previous year's cruise programme.

Terms of Reference for CPRG (PDF, 59KB)

Membership of CPRG (PDF, 51KB)

Marine Facilities Advisory Board

The NERC Marine Facilities Advisory Board (MFAB) - external link is tasked with developing a medium to long-term holistic strategy for future equipment requirements in marine science, which will respond to and reflect the community's needs and assess current and future funding.

The role of MFAB includes to:

  • Undertake an audit of marine equipment to establish what is available, what state it is in and how much it has been used in the past 5-10 years. This will not only provide essential information for the current NERC cruise programme, but also help to anticipate the likely requirements for NERC sea-going science delivery in the near to medium future.
  • Identify new and/or emerging capabilities.
  • Develop a strategy that prioritises the equipment portfolio with regard to emerging and declining requirements.
  • Report changes in requirements (actual or predicted) to the NERC Cruise Programme Executive Board to help inform funding decisions.

Terms of Reference for MFAB and membership - external link