HPC Steering Committee members


  • Professor David Stevens
    School of Mathematics, University of East Anglia.
    Large scale ocean modelling; Role of the ocean in the climate system. Coupled ocean-atmosphere processes and modelling; Mathematical modelling of the ocean and climate system; Physical oceanography, including ocean dynamics and observations.


  • Professor John Brodholt
    Earth Sciences, University College London.
    Study of Earth's deep interior; computational and experimental mineral physics to understand material properties under mantle and core conditions; elastic and transport properties of core and mantle materials; with seismologists, applying results directly to the Earth.

  • Dr Andrew Coward
    Ocean Modelling & Forecasting Group, National Oceanography Centre.
    Large scale ocean modelling - the role of eddies in the global ocean circulation, ocean model development and high performance computing.

  • Professor Colin Jones
    NCAS Professor, School of Earth & Environment, University of Leeds.
    Head NERC/Met Office UK Earth System Modelling.
    Earth system and global climate modelling; atmospheric physical parameterisations; regional climate modelling.

  • Dr Grenville Lister
    Computational scientist, National Centre for Atmospheric Science, Reading University.

  • Professor Andreas Rietbrock
    Earth & Ocean Sciences, University of Liverpool.
    Seismology, subduction zones; volcanology; geophysics; physical oceanography; meteorology; tectonics.

  • Professor Beth Wingate
    Professor of Mathematics, University of Exeter.
    Geophysical and astrophysical fluid dynamics; applied mathematics and modelling; ocean and atmosphere dynamics and modelling; numerical analysis; algorithms for exascale-style computer architectures.

  • Professor Steve Woolnough
    National Centre for Atmospheric Science, Climate Directorate, University of Reading.
    Tropical climate variability; climate modelling; atmospheric convection; sub-seasonal to seasonal weather and climate prediction.


  • Professor Bryan Lawrence
    Professor of Weather & Climate Computing, University of Reading .
    Problems in data analysis for atmospheric science; scientific data description and publication; high resolution and coupled climate computing; performance of earth system models; gravity wave and physical parameterisations in models; stratospheric processes.