High performance computing

NERC provides environmental scientists with High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities.

HPC and Data Facilities available

  • ARCHER2 - external link - the UKRI national service launched in 2021; funded jointly by NERC/EPSRC; located in Edinburgh. The NERC annual allocation on ARCHER2 is 9,350 thousand compute units (kCU).
  • Monsoon2 - external link - continuing the NERC/Met Office collaborative development platform, originally launched in 2009, and located in Exeter
  • JASMIN - external link the NERC data analysis environment; hosted/managed by the NERC/STFC Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) at RAL.

The NERC HPC Steering Committee

The HPC Steering committee prioritises and schedules available ARCHER2 computing capacity in response to project-level applications; it does not assess science quality of projects/programmes that have already been peer reviewed by NERC.

Applying to use HPC facilities

Applicants requiring access to HPC facilities, must indicate on the Je-S form that research council facilities are required, state which, and justify the anticipated resource request.

For ARCHER2 an estimate of how much, in compute units (CU), is required. Applicants requesting in excess of 500 thousand compute units (kCU) in any one year must also submit the HPC 'new' (facility) form together with the Je-S form.

All applicants should contact the relevant consortia leader prior to submission.

Find out more about applying to use HPC.

For MONSooN and Monsoon2 visit the JWCRP website - external link - for application guidelines. Please ensure to indicate the requirement on the Je-S form.


NERC expects users of HPC to formally acknowledge ARCHER2 / NEXCS / MONSooN / Monsoon2 / JWCRP / JASMIN on all publications and impacts resulting from use of the facilities, including after a lapse of time. Please help us to ensure continued funding for NERC's HPC by acknowledging use of the facilities with the approved form of words (available in the downloads section of this page).

Non-NERC funded access to HPC

Direct access applications may be possible, subject to availability of capacity. These applications are competitively assessed with other bids. To reduce risk of disappointment, potential users not directly funded by NERC, particularly those applying for EU funds, are expected to secure their HPC costs elsewhere.

Find out about non-NERC funded access in the guideline document in downloads section of this page.


Dr Charlotte Clarke