NERC data centres - Future services: A forward look town hall meeting

Table laid for a meeting

13 October 2016
The Victory Services Club (VSC),
63-79 Seymour Street,
London, W2 2HF

 This event has now closed 

NERC held a town hall meeting to help us better understand users' future requirements for our environmental data centres and the services that they provide. Information gathered will help us to define the services we will be commissioning from the data centres. All those who have an interest in the activities of our data centres or who are users or potential users of environmental data were invited to attend.

NERC supports a network of five environmental data centres that provide expertise in the collection, management and dissemination of environmental data. A key role of the data centres is to take in, and maintain environmental data of long-term value collected from NERC funded activities, and to make these data available to all users, not just NERC researchers but others from science, business, government and education as well as the general public.

The event

The one-day meeting aimed to disseminate information about NERC's vision and direction for environmental data and gathered views and evidence to inform commissioning of data centre services, which will take place in 2017.

The agenda included:

  • Plenary Session
    • General background and introduction to the data centres.
    • NERC's vision and direction for environmental data
    • The data centre's current functions and services, and the process of commissioning future services.
  • Breakout sessions to discuss data centres, the services they provide, future requirements and functions.
  • Plenary round up and Q&A session.

Agenda (PDF, 70KB)

Presentations and a summary report are available below:

Presentations (PDF, 25.3MB)

Summary report (PDF, 130KB)


For further details please contact:

Andrea Sharpe
Data centre commissioning manager
01793 444136