Data policy

NERC has a well-established Data Policy that sets the ground rules that all those funded by NERC must follow in managing the data that they collect. The Data Policy details our commitment to support the long-term management of environmental data and also outlines the roles and responsibilities of all those involved in collecting and managing environmental data. Central to the policy is that NERC-funded scientists must make their data openly available within two years of collection and deposit it in a NERC data centre for long term preservation. The aim is that all NERC-funded data are managed and made available for the long-term for anybody to use without any restrictions.

NERC Data Policy (PDF, 138KB)

Guidance notes for the NERC Data Policy (PDF, 934KB)

NERC also recognises that model code and model data produced through NERC-funded research are valuable assets which should be preserved beyond the lifetime of the project. By preserving model code and data, other researchers can benefit from the outputs of previous NERC-funded research and it makes the research process more transparent and auditable.

Please contact the relevant NERC Data Centre for guidance on how to preserve model code and model output.

Licensing & Charging policy

This policy describes why, when and how NERC will and will not apply charges for Environmental Data and Information Products. It underlines our commitment to apply any charges in a transparent and consistent way.

We have created the policy to be consistent with relevant legislation and Government guidance on charging for information, on open data provision and on licensing.

Central to the policy is that NERC will make its environmental data available free of charge apart from special cases that involve third party data. There may be a charge for information products. Where there is a charge, the charges and licensing arrangements will be clearly explained, compliant with Government legislation and guidance, and applied in a consistent manner.

NERC Licensing & Charging Policy (PDF, 85KB)

If you have any comments or questions, or require further information on the NERC Licensing & Charging Policy, please contact NERC's data management coordinator at .