Data management planning

All NERC proposals require an Outline Data Management Plan to identify data sets of long term value that should be made available to NERC data centres for archiving and reuse at the end of the fellowship or grant.

Outline Data Management Plan (Word, 24KB)

Outline Data Management Plan guidance (PDF, 76KB)

Data management planning lifecycle (PDF, 179KB)

The data centres are funded to help and advise you how to prepare your data for submission to the data centres and the long term storage and dissemination of the data.

If you need additional services such as database development or a specialist in project data management during your project, please contact the relevant data centre who can provide costs to be included in the grant proposal.

For successful proposals, the outline data management plans will be used by the NERC data centres to produce a full Data Management Plan (DMP) in collaboration with the Principal Investigator(s), within three to six months of the start date of the grant.

Full Data Management Plan (Word, 73KB)