Joint strategic response

When opportunities arise for NERC to work in partnership on small to medium-scale strategic research activities this may be achieved through a joint strategic response.

Joint strategic response is aimed at providing a timely response to opportunities for NERC to partner with research funders such as other research councils and government departments. NERC anticipates that its funding will be at least matched by the partner organisation, and that the partnership will be characterised by jointly agreed programme goals and peer review mechanisms. The size of the programme will vary according to the opportunity.

The flow below illustrates how programmes are developed via joint strategic response, demonstrating the steps from an opportunity to a call for new research. The process from opportunity to decision will take around 2-3 months.


Opportunity with partner


NERC Executive Funding Group


NERC contributes to a new initiative


Call for proposals


Ideas for joint strategic response come from the community and from our partner funding bodies who are already prepared to co-fund a joint programme. A case for NERC to join the partnership is developed by NERC with the relevant experts. These are then considered by the NERC Executive Funding Group, a body within NERC set up to advise the Executive Chair, who has delegated financial authority for the joint strategic response.

Once agreement has been made to allocate funding to a new joint strategic response specific funding opportunities will be announced for the UK environmental science community to respond to with grant proposals that will be peer reviewed through the usual routes. These new activities may be managed by NERC or another funder.