RIDE Forum - Climate change impacts report cards

LWEC's climate change impacts report cards present the latest evidence on how climate change affects different aspects of our environment, economy and society. They are designed for decision-makers at any level, but in particular for use by policy advisors, ministers and local authorities.

Agriculture & forestry report card

Agriculture & forestry report card - English version (PDF, 7.3MB)

Agriculture & forestry report card - Welsh version (PDF, 7.1MB)

Source papers

  1. Climate change and land use systems (PDF, 1.3MB)
  2. Climate and soil functions: impacts on soil processes and properties and future implications in the UK – a review (PDF, 223KB)
  3. Arable crops (PDF, 180KB)
  4. Climate change and ruminant agriculture in the UK (PDF, 197KB)
  5. Climate change impacts on horticulture (PDF, 392KB)
  6. Tree & stand growth & productivity (PDF, 589KB)
  7. Insect pests and pathogens of trees (PDF, 391KB)
  8. Risks for woodlands, forest management and forestry production in the UK from climate change (PDF, 235KB)
  9. Forest ecosystem services & climate change (PDF, 797KB)

Biodiversity report card

Biodiversity report card - English version (PDF, 13.7MB)

Biodiversity report card - Welsh version (PDF, 11.1MB)

Source papers

  1. Interactions between climate change and land use change impacts: Addressing attribution problems (PDF, 418KB)
  2. The implications of climate change for terrestrial UK mammals (PDF, 313KB)
  3. Implications of climate change for UK invertebrates (excluding butterflies and moths) (PDF, 268KB)
  4. Implications of climate change for SSSIs and other protected areas (PDF, 321KB)
  5. Impacts of climate change on terrestrial habitats and vegetation communities of the UK in the 21st century (PDF, 252KB)
  6. The effects of climate change on the distribution of species in the UK (PDF, 428KB)
  7. Evidence of climate change impacts on populations using long-term datasets (PDF, 102KB)
  8. Implications of climate change for UK bryophytes and lichens (PDF, 331KB)
  9. Non-native species (PDF, 197KB)
  10. Implications of climate change for coastal and inter-tidal habitats in the UK (PDF, 284KB)
  11. Impacts of climate change on migration (PDF, 437KB)
  12. The implications of climate change for phenology in the UK (PDF, 220KB)
  13. Overview of climate change implications for ecosystem services in the UK (PDF, 1.7MB)
  14. Mechanisms driving UK biodiversity responses to climate change: Assessment and indicators (PDF, 1MB)
  15. Implications of climate change for genetic diversity and evolvability in the UK (PDF, 259KB)
  16. Climate change effects on soil biota in the UK (PDF, 784KB)
  17. Freshwaters, climate change and UK conservation (PDF, 1.8MB)

Water report card

Water report card (2016) - English version (PDF, 3.8MB)

Water report card (2016) - Welsh version (PDF, 4MB)

Source papers

  1. Changes in groundwater levels, temperature and quality in the UK over the 20th century: An assessment of evidence of impacts from climate change (PDF, 559KB)
  2. Observed long-term changes in UK river flow patterns: A review (PDF, 1.9MB)
  3. Changes in UK river water temperature over the 20th century and possible changes over the 21st century (PDF, 2.4MB)
  4. Changes in groundwater levels in the UK over the 21st century: An assessment of evidence of impacts from climate change (PDF, 547KB)
  5. A hydrological perspective on UK evaporation: Historical trends and future projections (PDF, 764KB)
  6. Assessing future water demand for agricultural irrigation in England and Wales - An updated analysis (PDF, 826KB)
  7. Climate change and the UK's freshwater ecosystems (PDF, 615KB)
  8. The possible impacts of climate change on public water supply availability over the 21st century (PDF, 528KB)
  9. River and lake water quality - Future trends (PDF, 1.3MB)
  10. Future flood - Magnitude and frequency (PDF, 1.4MB)
  11. Snow in Britain: the historical picture and future projections (PDF, 716KB)
  12. Urban Hydrology and Climate Change in the UK (PDF, 700KB)
  13. A review of climate change impacts on UK estuaries (PDF, 852KB)

The original technical summary working paper published alongside the 2012-13 Report Card is available below:

Climate change and water in the UK - Past changes and future prospects (PDF, 614KB)

A new technical summary working paper was commissioned to inform the updated 2016 Report Card and is available below:

Water in a changing climate (PDF, 327KB)

Infrastructure report card

Infrastructure report card - English version (PDF, 7MB)

Infrastructure report card - Welsh version (PDF, 7.1MB)

Source papers

  1. Transport: Rail (PDF, 365KB)
  2. Transport: Road transport (including cycling and walking) (PDF, 446KB)
  3. Transport: Inland waterways, ports and marine infrastructure (PDF, 364KB)
  4. Potable Water: Water supply, treatment and distribution systems (PDF, 300KB)
  5. Wastewater infrastructure: Collection, treatment and disposal (PDF, 454KB)
  6. Flood and coastal erosion management (PDF, 1.4MB)
  7. ICT: Service structures and networks (PDF, 442KB)
  8. Solid waste: Disposal, thermal processes, biological and mechanical processing (PDF, 334KB)
  9. Nuclear, coal, oil and gas energy (PDF, 746KB)
  10. Energy: Renewable generation (PDF, 704KB)
  11. Power systems, transmission and distribution (PDF, 220KB)
  12. Energy demand (PDF, 663KB)

Health report card

Health report card - English version (PDF, 5.7MB)

Health report card - Welsh version (PDF, 6.1MB)

Source papers

  1. Hotter summers and heatwaves (PDF, 555KB)
  2. Health effects of milder winters (PDF, 410KB)
  3. Climate change impacts on human health through its effect on air quality (PDF, 686KB)
  4. Pollen and human health: Impacts of anthropogenic climate change (PDF, 507KB)
  5. Food-borne disease and climate change (PDF, 543KB)
  6. Impact of extreme weather events and climate change for health and social care systems (PDF, 604KB)
  7. Potential impact of climate change on emerging infections in the UK (PDF, 423KB)
  8. Flooding and health (PDF, 524KB)
  9. Health impacts of climate change: The implications of health and social inequalities (PDF, 292KB)
  10. Climate change and health in the UK. Scoping and communicating the longer-term 'distal' dimension (PDF, 1012KB)