Towards a Sustainable Earth - Bellagio convening

8 September 2016

A Bellagio convening will be held from 7-11 November 2016. The small, focused group of participants for this meeting are strategically prioritised according to the individuals' relevance to the aims of the initiative, and specifically to the achievement of the outcomes of the initiative, and according to their interest and expertise.

Participants are:

  • recognised and credible international scientific / innovation leaders with an independent view
  • appointed on an ad hominem basis
  • individuals with substantive knowledge directly related to the initiative
  • individuals able to opine on relevance of targets but also be able to challenge and deepen via their expertise.

Participants will:

  • engage pro-actively and fully at all stages of the Bellagio convening
  • not advocate specifically for their own discipline or areas of interest, but take a broad view of the strategic needs of the Bellagio convening
  • validate and challenge constructively perspectives drawing on the available evidence and their own experiences
  • take individual and collective ownership of the outputs of the Bellagio convening
  • draw on their wider networks before the meeting, and communicate with them afterwards
  • engage with preliminary reading and activities prior to the Bellagio convening to maximise the efficacy of the time spent at the Bellagio Center.

Confirmed participants:

  • Professor Brigitte Baptiste - General director, Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Research on Biological Resources
  • Dr Fred Boltz - Managing director, ecosystems, The Rockefeller Foundation
  • Professor Katrina Brown - Environmental & social scientist at Exeter Environment & Sustainability Institute
  • Dr Anne Larigauderie - Executive secretary, Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services
  • Dr Sophie Laurie - Associate director, Innovation & Impact, NERC
  • Professor Melissa Leach - Director, Institute of Development Studies
  • Dr Isayvani Naicker - Chief director, international resources, Department of Science and Technology, South Africa
  • Mr Jules Peck - Director of The B Team Great Transformation
  • Dr Janet Ranganathan - Vice-president, science & research, World Resources Institute
  • Professor Fabio Scarano - Executive director of the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development
  • Dr Jörn Scharlemann - Reader in Ecology & Conservation, University of Sussex
  • Mr Ibrahim Thiauw - Deputy executive director for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and assistant secretary-general of the United Nations
  • Dr Holm Tiessen - Executive director, InterAmerican Institute for Global Change Research
  • Professor Jeff Waage - Director, London International Development Centre
  • Dr Edith Widder - Chief executive officer and senior scientist, Ocean Research & Conservation Association, Inc.