Newton Fund


The Newton Fund - external link is part of the UK's commitment to spend 0·7% of Gross National Income on Official Development Assistance (ODA). The goal of the fund is to stimulate economic and social development of 17 selected partner countries - external link on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development Development Assistance Committee list.

Collaborative projects to advance understanding of biodiversity in Latin America

17 May 2019

NERC-funded researchers have begun a series of collaborative projects with partners in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru to advance understanding of the social and economic role of biodiversity in Latin America, and how it can be managed more sustainably.

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Launched in 2014, the fund originally had a budget of £75 million each year for five years (2014-2019), which was extended and expanded to £150 million per year for 2019-2021, leading to a total of £735 million UK investment by 2021, with partner countries providing matched resources

The intention of the fund is to use the UK's science and innovation strengths to collaborate on partner developing country challenges to support their economic development and social welfare.

UK Research & Innovation is one of several UK delivery partners - external link for the Newton Fund. It is working strategically with partner countries to develop a series of activities to address challenges defined by the overarching ambitions of the Fund. Additional leveraged funds may be achieved through private foundations, multi-lateral organisations or corporate partners.

Since 2014, NERC has been running a number of Newton Fund calls and initiatives (see below) supporting £63 million investment, across 112 projects working with 11 Newton fund partner countries. These have included new research collaborations, capacity-building activities, and translation activities whilst also building on existing NERC programmes.

Previous and current NERC Newton Fund activities, by launch year: