Global Partnerships Seedcorn Fund - Announcement of Opportunity February 2020

NERC is inviting proposals to its Global Partnerships Seedcorn Fund (GPSF). The Global Partnerships Seedcorn Fund allows UK environmental science researchers to forge new partnerships and networks with the best international researchers wherever they are located and seed collaborations that will be sustained beyond the lifetime of the grant.

Proposals for continuation of existing international research collaborations and collaborations with a primary focus on research for international development (Official Development Assistance) are not eligible to apply to this scheme and should seek other appropriate sources of funding.

Proposals for Global Partnerships Seedcorn Fund grants may request funding of a maximum of £100,000 (at 100% full economic cost) with a duration of up to two years (paid at 80% FEC with exceptions). The full proposal must be submitted using the research councils' Joint Electronic Submission system (Je-S). Applicants should select Proposal Type - 'Standard Proposal' and then select the Scheme - 'Directed International' and the Call - 'Global Partnerships Seedcorn Fund 2020'.

General guidance for completing and submitting proposals, and links to required forms, is available in the research grants handbook.

Please see the Announcement of Opportunity below for full details.

Please complete the mandatory online Notification of Intent form by 12 March 2020. Full applications will not be accepted unless NERC has received a Notification of Intent.

Joint proposals

Please note that this call will accept joint proposals to NERC and the Research Council for the State of São Paulo, Brazil (FAPESP) under the terms of the RCUK-FAPESP Lead Agency Agreement, or researchers from Taiwan under the NERC-Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST) Memorandum of Understanding.

Applicants of joint NERC-FAPESP proposals or NERC-MOST proposals should refer to the Announcement of Opportunity Annexes B and C respectively, before applying.

NERC-FAPESP proposals must include a PDF copy of the completed FAPESP online form as a supporting document within the NERC submission.

NERC-MOST proposals must include a separate MOST budget form.