Help and resources

NERC and Research Councils UK (RCUK) want to support researchers to fulfil their public engagement responsibilities. There are a number of resources available to explain our expectations and to provide ideas and support for your activities.


Our Public Engagement Strategy, below, guides us in our approach to public engagement:

NERC Public Engagement Strategy (PDF, 267KB)

The UKRI statement of expectations for societal & economic impact (PDF) - external link - sets out researchers' responsibilities to achieve maximum impact from their publicly funded work.

The UKRI Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research (PDF) - external link - aims to help embed public engagement in universities and research institutes by setting out the expectations and responsibilities of research funders and researchers, to strengthen good practice in public engagement and ensure it is valued and supported.

The UKRI best practice guides and publications - external link - will help you get the most out of your public engagement activities including evaluating their success.


Free courses include:

Schemes & activities

Taking part in an established scheme can be a good way to get started in public engagement. Many accept applications year-round.

You can develop bespoke activities for engaging a particular audience with your research. Examples include:

  • Stand and displays at science festivals or other relevant events.
  • Working with schools.
  • Hosting or attending a talk, seminar or debate.
  • Café scientifique.
  • Open day at your lab.
  • Social and multimedia - blogs, tweets, podcasts, etc.
  • Citizen science.

Your own research organisation may offer advice and training, and perhaps run public engagement schemes or activities you can take part in.

Remember that the NERC communications team can help you promote your work through news, features and podcasts on the Planet Earth website, and articles in Planet Earth magazine. For news and press releases you need to let us know as soon as you have a paper accepted for publication.


You may apply for funds for a specific training course as part of your pathways to impact plan. You will have to justify your choice of third-party training over NERC's in-house course.

Researchers who have attended NERC's engaging the public with your research training course may be eligible to apply for up to £2,000 to develop their own public engagement resources.


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