Resource Recovery from Waste - Final conference

Waste barrels

16 January 2019 (Wednesday)
One Great George Street, London

The final conference for the Resource Recovery from Waste programme will bring together five years of research to highlight the relevance of resource recovery for a clean, low-carbon and resource efficient economy.

The conference will showcase the key achievements of the programme covering: technologies and approaches to recover resources from industrial, mining and organic wastes; novel assessment tools to optimise the value created in resource recovery systems across multiple domains (economic, technical, environmental and social); and a shared vision for the transition a the circular economy, bringing together academic, government and industry perspectives.

The conference will aim to highlight where changes in policy will be needed to realise the full benefits envisaged for the UK economy, society and environment. It will also look forward to identify future challenges and research needed in this area.

For further information on the conference and how to register, please visit the Resource Recovery from Waste website - external link.

Registration closes on 2 January 2019.