Workshop to support scientists in developing IODP proposals for Mission Specific Platforms

Through the UK IODP research programme, NERC is committed to supporting the science community in developing high quality science-driven proposals for submission to IODP. UK IODP is particularly keen to support development of proposals for Mission Specific Platforms (MSPs) at this time, in response to the current low MSP proposal pressure, and in anticipation of the prominent role of MSPs mentioned in the new 2050 Science Framework.

A UK IODP online workshop will take place from 9th to 11th February, to help scientists to develop IODP MSP proposals. The workshop format will include presentations from experienced scientists and experts in from IODP and ECORD, as well as breakout discussion sessions and mentoring of small groups. Live captioning will be used, and presentations will be recorded to make them available for participants who are not able view them live.

The IODP Science Plan encompasses fundamental questions about Earth’s climate, deep life, geodynamics and geohazards, we therefore encourage participation from all scientists whose research would benefit from subseafloor sampling. Multi-disciplinary proposals with diverse scientific goals are favoured by evaluation panels and this workshop will provide an opportunity to network with scientists from a variety of fields. Participants may already have a proposal outline in mind, or a science question that they would like to address. Alternatively, they may be looking to learn more and find inspiration to develop ideas during the workshop. No previous involvement in IODP is required but we strongly suggest that participants familiarise themselves with the new Framework document in order to gain a good understanding of the scientific goals of the programme and the opportunities it provides.

NERC and UK IODP take equality, diversity and inclusion very seriously. We know that the quality of research and innovation improves the more we bring together people from different backgrounds. We encourage people from all backgrounds, beliefs and experiences to attend this workshop.

Registration for the workshop is now open. Updates will be sent via the mailing list and you can also keep up to date by visiting the workshop webpage.