Announcement of Opportunity: India-UK Tackling AMR in the Environment from Antimicrobial Manufacturing Waste

Closing date (Notification of Intent): 16:00 BST / 20:30 IST on 14 October 2019

Closing date (Full Proposals): 16:00 GMT / 20:30 IST on 12 November 2019

Update 31 October 2019: Please note that the Announcement of Opportunity document has been updated to clarify that the Indian CVs are requested to be one page and not two. In addition, Section 5.2 has been amended slightly to clarify that the JeS Scheme is ‘Directed International’ not ‘Directed’. Further details have also been provided about how to create the full proposal in JeS; including further clarity about the “dummy letter of support” and how to download and share the final application with Indian PIs.

NERC, on behalf of UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) and the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science & Technology, India, is inviting collaborative research proposals under the India-UK AMR in the Environment from Antimicrobial Manufacturing Waste programme.

This programme aims to support new research to inform the development of strategies to limit environmental contamination by antimicrobial waste from pharmaceutical manufacturing, with the ultimate aim to contribute to global efforts to contain antimicrobial resistant infections of humans and animals.

Research will focus on the situation in India, as a major producer of antimicrobials in the global supply chain of the pharmaceutical industry, and a scientifically appropriate place to study this global issue. The research outcomes will contribute to assessing the human, animal and environmental health risk that this source of antimicrobial exposure to the environment represents, and to the development of international environmental standards for antimicrobials in manufacturing effluent and receiving environments.

Proposals are sought for collaborative research projects involving researchers from both the UK and India. Up to £3·8 million (80% full economic cost (FEC)) is available from NERC to support eligible UK-based researchers, and matched in terms of research effort from DBT to support eligible Indian researchers.

Applicants can request up to £800,000 (80% FEC) for the UK component of a project, and matched in terms of research effort for the Indian component. It is expected that up to five projects will be funded. The maximum duration of projects is three years and projects are expected to start in June 2020.

Please see the Announcement of Opportunity below for full details.

Announcement of Opportunity (PDF, 537KB)

Participation and funding for Indian investigators (PDF, 234KB)

DBT-UKRI proposal submission form (Word, 251KB)

Applicants must submit a Notification of Intent using the online registration form by 16:00 on 14 October 2019 for their full bid to be considered.


For further details, please contact:

Victoria Wickens - 07525 906284