Announcement of Opportunity: Soil Security - Research fellowship awards

Closing date for proposals: 16:00 on 3 December 2015

NERC and the Scottish Government are inviting proposals for fellowship awards of up to three years' duration, which will address the objectives of the Soil Security programme.

The overarching aim of the Soil Security programme is to advance understanding of the ability of soils to adapt to perturbations. It will do this by building an integrated and predictive understanding of the multiple functions of soil. This will improve forecasts of the soil system’s response to changes in climate, vegetation or land management at scales of analysis that match the scale of decision making. Delivering this aim, NERC recognises the opportunity to train a new generation of scientists who have the skills and knowledge needed to take a more multi-disciplinary approach to the study of soil, embracing new techniques and approaches from the physical, chemical and biological sciences.

Funding of up to £2 million (80% full economic cost) from NERC and the Scottish Government is available to support projects submitted to this call. It is anticipated that up to six fellowships may be supported, depending on the size and quality of the proposals received.

Applicants are referred to the Announcement of Opportunity document below for further details.

Announcement of Opportunity (PDF, 270KB)

The closing date for proposals is 16:00 on 3 December 2015.

For further information about this call, please contact:

Jennifer Wickens