Sustainable Marine Bioresources Initiative

Programme overview

Globally, we face a number of major challenges in sustainably managing marine living resources. These challenges provide strong confirmation of the need within the UK to strengthen research in the marine area. Defra, NERC, FRS and AFBI worked together to develop the jointly funded Sustainable Marine Bioresources programme.

Background & objectives

Defra, SEERAD/FRS, AFBI and NERC set up the Sustainable Marine Bioresources programme to expand the range and quality of scientific evidence relevant to current and future management needs through collaborative research between the three major science communities:

  • Departments' marine laboratories (Cefas, FRS and AFBI);
  • NERC's marine centres and associated bodies in the Oceans 2025 grouping;
  • and universities.

The science which the Sustainable Marine Bioresources programme addressed were broadly those identified in the Scoping Study under the headings of:

  • Module 1: Long term variability and change
  • Module 2: Regional ecosystems functioning
  • Module 3: Spatial and temporal dynamics
  • Module 4: Governance and ecosystem management

Scoping Study

This independent report, co-funded by NERC, DEFRA and FRS-SEERAD and prepared through extensive open consultation, proposes the areas of underpinning science and methods of implementation required to achieve a step-change improvement in the sustainable ecosystem-based management of marine bioresources.

Scoping Study full final report (PDF, 1.3MB)

Scoping Study reformatted, no appendices (PDF, 623KB)

Scoping Study appendices (PDF, 708KB)