Announcement of Opportunity: India-UK Water Quality

Closing date (Notification of Intent): 16:00 BST (20:30 IST) on 30 March 2017

Closing date (Full Proposals): 16:00 BST (20:30 IST) on 26 April 2017

NERC, the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and India's Department of Science and Technology (DST) jointly invite proposals to a new three-year research programme to improve water quality. The programme aims to improve water quality by providing a better understanding of the sources and fate of different pollutants and by supporting the development of management strategies and technologies to reduce pollution levels.

This collaboration is supported by the Newton-Bhabha Fund, established by the governments of the UK and India to provide a framework for increasing research and innovation collaborations that support sustainable economic growth.

Proposals are sought for collaborative research projects involving researchers from both the UK and India. Up to £4·2 million is available from NERC and EPSRC for this call, with up to £450,000 (80% full economic cost) available for the UK component of a project, and the equivalent in terms of research effort available from DST for the Indian component. Please see the Announcement of Opportunity and Notification of Intent documents below for full details of the invitation and how to apply.

Announcement of Opportunity (PDF, 125KB)

Notification of intent form (Word, 139KB)

India costs form (Word, 210KB)

Only applicants who have submitted a Notification of Intent will be eligible to submit a Full Proposal

The closing date for notifications of intent to submit is 16:00 BST ( 20:30 IST) on 30 March 2017

The closing date for full proposals is 16:00 BST (20:30 IST) on 26 April 2017.

For further information about this announcement of opportunity please contact:

James Box
07928 525444

Michelle Truman
07738 121108

Ruqaiyah Patel
01793 444029

Neelima Alam