India-UK Water Quality

River Ganges at Haridwar

This India-UK collaboration, led by NERC, the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and India's Department of Science & Technology (DST) will support research focused on improving water quality by providing a better understanding of the sources and fate of different pollutants and by supporting the development of management strategies and technologies to reduce pollution levels.

The programme is supported by the Newton-Bhabha Fund, established by the governments of the UK and India to provide a framework for increasing research and innovation collaborations that support sustainable economic growth.

Water quality in India - Scoping workshop

Closing date: 16 Sep

11 Aug 2016

NERC and EPSRC are inviting applications from UK scientists to attend a jointly organised workshop with the Indian Department of Science & Technology, in Delhi on 17-18 November 2016.

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The aim of this programme is to provide end users, such as policymakers, regulators, business and local communities, with information and solutions that will help them tackle India's water quality issues and secure the provision of clean water, rejuvenate rivers, and restore ecosystems. This will be achieved by supporting research to improve understanding of the sources, transport, transformation, interactions and fate of pollutants, and determine the risks they pose to both people and the environment. Importantly, the programme will also develop new management strategies and technologies to clean-up water courses and enable better monitoring of pollution levels.

This programme is supported by the Newton-Bhabha Fund, an initiative established by the governments of the UK and India. The Fund provides a framework for promoting increased research and innovation collaboration, developing long-term, sustainable partnerships and contributing to economic growth. This activity is part of the research pillar of the Newton-Bhabha Fund, which aims to support scientifically excellent research in areas that make the maximum contribution towards jointly approved grand societal challenges. This programme will contribute to the delivery of three of the four Newton-Bhabha grand challenges: Energy-Water-Food Nexus, Sustainable Cities & Urbanisation, and Public Health & Well-being.


2017 - 2021

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No, not at this time.


Up to £4·2 million (80% Full Economic Cost) is available from NERC and EPSRC through the Newton Fund. DST are offering an equivalent amount of funding recognising the difference in cost of undertaking science in India.

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