Announcement of Opportunity: Future Climate for Africa - Regional Consortium Grants 2014

Update 7 May 2014: The Announcement of Opportunity document has been updated to further describe eligibility. Annex 2, describing the financial conditions of grants, has been added to aid the formulation of indicative budgets for Outline Proposals. The template of the annual report can now be found in Annex 3. Anyone planning to apply to this call should ensure they refer to the updated documents when formulating their proposal.

Closing date (Outline Proposals): 16:00 UK local time (GMT+1), Tuesday 15 July 2014

Outline proposals are invited for a new funding opportunity as part of the Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) research programme funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) and NERC.

FCFA is a £20m international, interdisciplinary programme to advance scientific understanding and prediction of African climate variability and change to inform medium-term adaptation decisions (5-40 years), and develop the knowledge, data and tools to better integrate this science into decision making today.

This call is for Regional Consortium Grant outline proposals, which will provide an opportunity for the world's best researchers to undertake large-scale, complex and interdisciplinary natural and social science research addressing the three pillars of FCFA:

  1. world-leading scientific research to advance understanding and prediction of African climate variability and change over medium-term timescales (5 to 40 years)
  2. interdisciplinary research to support better integration of science into decision making
  3. pilot studies, co-produced with users, to demonstrate the use of climate information and tools in real decisions.

Proposals are invited for funding of up to £4m full economic cost (FEC) per consortium. This call has a total available budget of £12m. Proposals will be funded for a maximum duration of four years with an expected start date of April 2015.

Proposals are expected to cover all three research pillars of FCFA for a defined region of sub-Saharan Africa and are required to make the case for the geographic region to be addressed in terms of the opportunity to deliver world-leading science and the potential to make clear improvements in the quality and availability of climate information, adding value to existing science and initiatives.

This is a global open call that welcomes international applicants, particularly those based in sub-Saharan Africa. Please see the Announcement of Opportunity for full eligibility criteria.

Submission of an outline proposal is mandatory in order to participate in the funding round at the Full Proposal stage.

All outline proposals will be assessed by an assessment panel and successful applicants will be notified by the end of August 2014 that they are able to proceed to the full proposal stage.

Applicants who are successful at the outline proposal stage, and thus invited to submit a full proposal, will be invited to a virtual workshop. At least one representative from each successful outline proposal will be expected to attend.

The closing date for outline proposals is 16:00 UK local time (GMT+1) on Tuesday 15 July 2014. Outline proposal forms must be submitted as an email to the FCFA Secretariat at .

Outline proposal form (Word, 123KB)

Please see the Announcement of Opportunity document below for full details of the call. An additional document with further background information on FCFA will be published in mid-May on the programme webpages.

Announcement of Opportunity (PDF, 244KB)

FCFA 2014 Regional Projects Full Proposal Guidance Annex 1 (PDF, 17KB)

FCFA 2014 Regional Projects Full Proposal Guidance Annex 2 (PDF, 45KB)

FCFA 2014 Regional Projects Full Proposal Guidance Annex 3 (PDF, 102KB)

FCFA frequently asked questions for the Regional Projects (PDF, 269KB)

For further information about this announcement of opportunity please contact:

Simon Howe
01793 418015