Completed programmes

View the aims, findings and final reports of recently completed NERC research programmes.

Details of older completed programmes may be available from the National Archives - external link .

Aerosol Properties, Processes & Influences on the Earth's Climate (APPRAISE)

Aerosols & Clouds

Algal Bioenergy Special Interest Group

Arctic Research Programme


Carbon Capture & Storage

Changing Water Cycle

Coastal Sediment Systems

Depleted Uranium

Environment & Human Health

Environmental Exposure & Health Initiative (EEHI)

Environmental Microbiology & Human Health

Environmental Nanoscience Initiative

Environmental Virtual Observatory (EVO)


Flood Risk from Extreme Events (FREE)

Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget (GERB)

Insect Pollinators Initiative

Land Based Renewables

Long Term Co-evolution of Life & the Planet

Macronutrient Cycles

Marine Renewable Energy

Methane Network

Networks of Sensors - Demonstration High Resolution Networks

Next Generation Weather & Climate Prediction (NGWCP)

Observations & Modelling of the Tropical Tropopause Layer

Ocean Acidification

Oceans 2025

Post-Genomics & Proteomics

Probability, Uncertainty & Risk in the Environment (PURE)

Quantifying & Understanding the Earth System (QUEST)

Quantifying Uncertainty in Predictions of Climate Change & Climate Impacts

Rapid Climate Change (RAPID)


Rural Economy & Land Use (RELU)

Storm Risk Mitigation through Improved Prediction & Impact Modelling

Surface-Ocean / Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS)

Sustainable Marine Bioresources Initiative

Taxonomy & Systematics

Technology Clusters

Technology Proof of Concept

Towards a Sustainable Energy Economy - UK Energy Research Centre (TSEC-UKERC)

The UK Population Biology Network (UKPopNet)

Understanding the Impacts of the Current El Niño Event

Urban Atmospheric Science

Valuing Nature Network