Technology Clusters

Programme overview

The Technology Clusters aimed to improve coordination and collaboration in environmental technology research activities. They brought together key researchers and other stakeholders and provided a forum for technology networking and knowledge exchange. Each cluster operated for two years.

Background & objectives

NERC supported two clusters in total, one in each of the following two of NERC's strategic technology areas:

  • Remote Sensing & Earth Observation.
  • Informatics, Models & Data.

The objectives of the technology clusters programme were to:

  1. Create and support technology clusters in four strategic technology areas:
    • Remote Sensing & Earth Observation
    • Intelligent Field Sensors & Networks of Sensors
    • Novel Laboratory Instrumentation
    • Informatics, Models & Data
  2. Develop a supportive and vibrant environment for technologies research.
  3. Provide a forum for technology dissemination, showcasing and sharing best practice across NERC science disciplines.
  4. Facilitate the growth of the NERC Technology Community.