Announcement of Opportunity: The Changing North Atlantic and its Impact on Climate

Closing date: 21 November 2019

Proposals are invited for a new research programme which will utilise the OSNAP (Overturning In the Subpolar North Atlantic Programme) observations, and aims to improve understanding and models of the Subpolar North Atlantic and its impacts by addressing two Challenges:

Challenge 1: Combine observations and ocean-climate models in order to deliver a step change in quantitative understanding of processes that matter for subpolar variability.

Challenge 2: Determine the impact of subpolar variability on the ocean-atmosphere-ice system.

Under this call we are able to fund up to 2 joint UK-US proposals, one for each of the programmes research challenges.

Applicants should refer to the Announcement of Opportunity document below for more details.

Announcement of Opportunity document (PDF, 102KB)

Annex 1: Met Office (PDF, 107KB)


For all enquires relating to the call please contact:

Nicky Lewis