Carbon Capture & Storage

Programme Overview

This programme sought to quantify the risks and understand the response of marine and terrestrial ecosystems to CO2 leakage from storage as technologies moved from design to implementation.

Background & Objectives

Without action, the concern was that carbon capture and storage would go ahead without fundamental research to understand the environmental implications of storage. Research would ensure that human and financial resources were not wasted on ineffective approaches.

Report & Key findings:

Under the research councils' energy programme, NERC and the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council each funded one consortium project.

Quantifying and Monitoring Potential Ecosystem Impacts of Geological Carbon Storage - Principal investigator Jeremy Blackford.
This was led by the Plymouth Marine Laboratory in conjunction with the Scottish Association for Marine Science and four other institutions. The four-year project investigated the nature and probability of leakage, quantify the environmental impact potential, test methods of monitoring and design improved predictive models of impact. More information can be found on the project website - external link.

Multiscale whole systems modelling and analysis for CO2 capture, transport and storage - Principal investigator Professor S Durucan.
This was led by Imperial College with partners Hull University, Cranfield University, University of Sussex and British Geological Society. The project helped develop static and dynamic models for post combustion and oxyfuel CO2 capture plants: a multi-period least cost optimisation model for a carbon dioxide capture transportation and storage infrastructure for the UK.

Key performance indicators to assess the CO2 storage capacity and performance for the North Sea geological formations. Life cycle impact assessment model for pre-combustion CO2 capture, transport and storage systems for coal and natural gas.

Details of the funded grants are shown in our online grants browser - Grants on the Web:
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