Building Resilience to Environmental Hazards news

Building Resilience event highlights the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration

13 Mar 2018

Researchers from across the UK, the globe and from a wide variety of disciplines gathered last week to address the building of resilience to environmental hazards, both natural and man-made, in developing countries.

NERC partners with ESRC and AHRC to fund projects that will help developing countries cope with environmental hazards

22 Nov 2016

Three of the UK's research councils have funded 22 projects that will help communities in some of the poorest regions of the world understand, prepare for and manage a range of natural and man-made environmental hazards.

GCRF Building Resilience workshop

15 Jun 2016

As part of the Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF), UK research councils, led by NERC, AHRC & ESRC are taking a leadership role in generating inter-disciplinary research and communities which can address the issue of 'Building Resilience'.

Global Challenges Research Fund: Building Resilience - Announcement of Opportunity

Closing date: 6 Sep

26 May 2016

NERC, AHRC & ESRC invite proposals to address the challenge of Building Resilience to environmental hazards in developing countries. All proposals are expected to take an inter-disciplinary approach, bringing together environmental science with social science and arts and humanities.