Changing Arctic Ocean news

Changing Arctic Ocean: Annual science meeting - January 2019

Closing date: 25 Sep

9 Aug 2018

All researchers directly involved in the Changing Arctic Ocean (CAO) programme, either through research grant awards or CAO programme management, are invited to the annual science meeting on 15-16 January 2019 with additional meetings and workshops on 17 January 2019 at the Novotel Birmingham Centre.

UK and Germany combine forces to fund crucial Arctic science

3 Jul 2018

For the first time, the UK and Germany have joined forces to investigate the impact of climate change on the Arctic Ocean.

Changing Arctic Ocean: First science meeting

Closing date: 5 Sep

13 Jul 2017

A first science meeting for the Changing Arctic Ocean programme is being held at the Glasgow Science Centre on 28-29 September 2017.

Changing Arctic Ocean - Announcement of Opportunity second call

Closing date: 14 Sep

20 Apr 2017

Proposals are invited for submission to a jointly funded activity between funding agencies in the UK and Germany on Changing Arctic Ocean: Implications for marine biology and biogeochemistry.

£10 million to investigate impact of climate change on Arctic Ocean

24 Jan 2017

A major UK research programme will investigate the impact of diminishing sea ice on the fragile marine environment of the Arctic Ocean.

Changing Arctic Ocean - Announcement of Opportunity: Outline proposals

Closing date: 8 Dec

26 Oct 2015

Outline proposals are invited under a new research programme - The Changing Arctic Ocean: Implication for marine biology & biogeochemistry.

Changing Arctic Ocean Announcement of Opportunity: Workshop

Closing date: 30 Oct

26 Oct 2015

A workshop will be held on the 5 November 2015 in order to facilitate the development of high quality proposals that will effectively use the planned programme cruises and maximise collaboration opportunities.