Introducing the new NERC non-executive director

3 June 2019

NERC is delighted to announce that Ms Caroline Bault has been appointed as a new non-executive director (NED).

Caroline Bault

Caroline joins the two existing non-executive directors on the NERC Management Board (NMB), the NERC Directors Update meetings, the Centre Assurance Boards and the recently formed NERC Assurance Board.

Caroline is currently a Managing Partner at CounselRock Partners, a specialist hedge fund research and alternative investment consultancy. Her biography can be found on the NMB membership page.

Non-executive Directors support the NERC Executive Chair by bringing invaluable external insight and thinking alongside experience of the setting and management of the NERC delivery plan, decision making and the oversight of a committee or board.

A NED is also expected to:

  • constructively challenge and help develop proposals on strategy
  • scrutinise performance of management in meeting agreed goals and objectives, and monitor the reporting of performance
  • check that the integrity of financial information and financial controls and the systems of risk management and assurance are robust and defensible
  • provide general guidance and a different perspective on matters of concern.

Duncan Wingham, NERC's Executive Chair, said:

I am pleased to welcome Caroline to the Management Board. She brings 30 years of experience in the financial sector which will be invaluable in helping NERC to make the most robust and responsible decisions.

Further information

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Press & Communications Officer
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