NERC's new public engagement focus and strategy

1 August 2016

NERC is taking fresh steps to engage the British public with environmental science and its vital role in meeting some of the world's biggest challenges.

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Be that climate change, energy and food security, natural disasters or anti-microbial resistance - science is at the heart of the debate and solutions. Published today, NERC's new public engagement with research strategy represents our renewed commitment to engaging the public in the world of environmental science.

The objectives of the new strategy are to:

  • Convene informed public debate about contemporary issues in environmental science, including the ethical and social implications.
  • Inform, interest and inspire members of the public and future researchers in environmental science and the processes of research, in a way that is accessible and relevant.
  • Carry out public dialogue - external link on complex and controversial issues. Actively listening to members of the public allows NERC to make decisions that are relevant to society.

The strategy highlights our commitment to working alongside RCUK to collectively lead the national debate in public engagement with research. It was developed in consultation with public engagement specialists at an event in March and is available in the download section on this page.

In line with our new focus on public engagement, we are very pleased to announce that a small funding call for idea development is expected in September 2016, with a full call in 2017. This will focus on public engagement partnerships to consider contemporary issues in environmental science. There will be an event related to the new call on Thursday 22 September in Birmingham, with more details to follow. Please note the change of date for this public engagement funding event.

Further information

Hannah King
Public engagement officer
01793 411572

Or in Hannah's absence:

Julia Maddock
NERC associate director communications & engagement
07785 459139