NERC-funded researcher becomes ambassador of the Royal Horticultural Society

7 June 2016

NERC-funded researcher Professor Nigel Dunnett has recently been appointed as an ambassador of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

Professor Nigel Dunnett

Professor of Planting Design, Urban Horticulture & Vegetation Technology at the University of Sheffield, Nigel Dunnett is co-investigator on NERC-funded research looking into environmental processes in cities and built-up areas of the UK. The four-year research project, 'Fragments, functions and flows - the scaling of biodiversity and ecosystem services in urban ecosystems', is due to complete at the end of this year.

Professor Dunnett, whose appointment was announced at the Chelsea Flower Show last week, is to become an RHS Ambassador with a special focus on the charity's Greening Grey Britain campaign.

Speaking about his appointment, he said:

The Greening Grey Britain initiative is so exciting because it brings to life the changes that individuals, communities, organisations, local and central government can play in transforming our surroundings for the benefit of all - for now and for future generations. I am honoured to be asked by the RHS to play a role in this campaign.

Horticulture and gardens need to be at the forefront of addressing the huge challenges of climate-change and rapidly increasing urbanisation. We need a revolution in the way we see our cities, so that widespread greening is not only sustainable and beneficial, but beautiful and fulfilling too.

We need to take a new approach to reviving gardens and green spaces so that they are seen as vital assets, and not a burden. We need to see gardens as essential elements in the future health of ourselves and our surroundings, but more than this, we need exciting and innovative horticulture to leap the garden fence and fill our urban places with vitality.

That's what's so exciting about this role, we have the opportunity to look at gardens, gardening and horticulture from a new, fresh and exciting perspective.

To find out more about Professor Dunnett's NERC-funded research visit Grants on the Web - external link (or find out more on Nigel Dunnett's website - external link).

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