Future commissioning of Centres for Doctoral Training

16 December 2015

A new process to be developed over the next six months will help shape NERC's future training priorities.

Through the Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs), NERC supports PhD studentships that address specific research and skills gaps identified in line with its strategy.

NERC supports CDTs to ensure that the environmental scientists of the future develop skills in demand by UK business, academia and government that play an important role in supporting the country's economy.

NERC has funded four CDTs - these are in:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Soil Science
  • Risk and Mitigation; Using big data
  • The use of smart and autonomous observation for the environmental sciences

A fifth CDT will be commissioned in 2016, the focus of which will be announced on our website.

On the advice of its Training Advisory Group, NERC now intends to develop a robust process for commissioning CDTs in a way that ensures they remain in line with ongoing and emerging training needs and NERC's strategic priorities.

This mechanism will also enable NERC to evaluate the training provision of existing CDTs in the context of these priorities and training needs. This process will be developed in consultation with existing CDTs and the wider community.

The Oil and Gas CDT was due to receive funding for its final student intake in 2016. On the advice of the Training Advisory Group, this CDT has been offered an interim extension of one additional student intake starting in 2017 to ensure all CDTs can be evaluated using the same process.

Further information

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