2014 news announcements

New fellowships will drive innovation in horticulture sector

NERC and the Horticulture Innovation Partnership are funding a new fellowship worth over £220,000.

19 Dec 2014

Enterprising young scientists scoop start up prize

Two teams of enterprising scientist's scooped top prize in a business plan competition for environmental and biotechnology start-up companies in London on Monday.

10 Dec 2014

Professor Jim Al-Khalili to present the NERC Impact Awards

Eminent physicist, author and broadcaster Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE will be hosting the inaugural NERC impact awards prize-giving ceremony.

28 Nov 2014

Minister for universities, science & cities announces new appointment to NERC

Greg Clark, minister for universities, science & cities, has announced the appointment of Professor Ian Poll of Cranfield University to the Natural Environment Research Council.

22 Oct 2014

NERC invests £23 million in Earth observation, supporting science and innovation, big data and space technology

NERC is to fund the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) for a further five years, signing a new contract worth £23 million with the University of Leicester.

20 Oct 2014

NERC-funded researchers celebrated by major European Geosciences Union awards

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) has awarded four NERC-funded researchers major prizes in recognition of their outstanding work in the field of geosciences.

17 Oct 2014

NERC and BBSRC fund initiatives to protect soils and safeguard global food security

NERC and BBSRC are working together, with partners, to fund three new initiatives to improve our understanding of soils.

13 Oct 2014

NERC scientists lead major UN report on ocean acidification

NERC-funded scientists have contributed to a major new international report showing unequivocally that ocean acidification will have significant consequences for marine life, and in turn human society.

8 Oct 2014

Robot fleet observes marine life in the open ocean

A fleet of seven robotic vehicles is being launched into the ocean off southwest England this week, in the most ambitious project of its kind in Europe.

3 Oct 2014

NERC teams up with Professor Iain Stewart to explore the 'Anatomy of an Earthquake'

NERC has teamed up with BBC presenter Professor Iain Stewart and Shadow Industries, a Bristol-based production company, to create a new short film called 'Anatomy of an Earthquake'.

19 Sep 2014

NERC funds hourly traffic pollution monitoring in London

New state-of-the-art equipment recently installed on Marylebone Road in central London is giving hourly measurements of kerbside traffic pollution in more detail than ever before.

19 Sep 2014

NERC-funded student helps analyse Ebola genome sequence

A NERC-funded student has worked with an international group of researchers to help analyse newly available sequences of Ebola virus genome.

5 Sep 2014

NERC and aviation authorities prepare for possible Icelandic eruption

In response to seismic activity around Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano, NERC is working with the Civil Aviation Authority and other partners to ensure that the UK's large atmospheric research aircraft is fitted out and available to monitor any ash plume should it be needed.

3 Sep 2014

NERC works with partners to shield infrastructure from natural risks

NERC is investing £1·9 million in protecting Britain's vital infrastructure from environmental risks like extreme weather and natural disasters.

1 Sep 2014

Sheepdogs use simple rules to herd sheep

Sheepdogs use just two simple rules to round up large herds of sheep, scientists have discovered.

27 Aug 2014

Indian and UK scientists team up to tackle monsoon

The UK's Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change has today announced new research projects that will see Indian and UK scientists come together to improve forecasts of the South Asian monsoon, including the potential impacts of climate change.

26 Aug 2014

New science minister announces 'war cabinet' to tackle antimicrobial resistance on all fronts

NERC has joined forces with the UK's other research councils and numerous government bodies in an initiative to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR) on all fronts.

17 Jul 2014

UK science trio called to Washington ocean summit

Three leading environmental scientists from the UK have been invited to talk about the state of the world's oceans to an audience including US Secretary of State John Kerry at an ocean summit in Washington.

10 Jun 2014

JASMIN - Environmental science supercomputer upgraded

NERC and STFC today celebrate a major upgrade to the JASMIN cloud computing facility that lets UK environmental scientists assess and evaluate huge sets of environmental data.

2 Jun 2014

RCUK commits £14m to UK Energy Research Centre

The UK Energy Research Centre will continue to act as the focal point for UK energy research following today's announcement of a further £14m of funding from NERC, EPSRC and ESRC.

29 May 2014

NERC commits to working with China on air pollution research and critical zone observatories

NERC has signed a statement of intent with the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Medical Research Council to work together on research into air pollution and human health.

28 May 2014

Working together to solve sustainable agriculture challenges

NERC and BBSRC launch a new initiative to support sustainable agriculture systems.

23 May 2014

New polar research ship for UK

Chancellor announces over £200 million for NERC's new polar research platform.

25 Apr 2014

New Centre for Environmental Geochemistry to open in Nottingham

The British Geological Survey and the University of Nottingham have announced a new research facility, the Centre for Environmental Geochemistry.

7 Apr 2014

NERC research centre achieves bronze Athena SWAN award

BGS receives award recognising excellence in women's employment in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine.

3 Apr 2014

New research projects announced to help save UK forests, woods and trees

Seven new research projects have received a share of £7m to help address threats to UK forests, woods and trees.

25 Mar 2014

Study of the effects of recent winter storms' impact on southwest UK could aid preparedness

UK scientists funded by NERC have just started a 12-month project to find out how the recent barrage of devastating winter storms affected the communities and coastlines of southwest England.

11 Mar 2014

Report highlights NERC achievements

NERC has published its 2013 Impact Report.

11 Mar 2014

UK water technology sector to boost economy by £8.8 billion by 2030

The UK's share of the global water technology market could be worth £8.8 billion by 2030, providing 71,000 jobs, suggests a new report published today.

11 Mar 2014

NERC invests in scheme to solve business problems using environmental data

NERC has invested close to £1m in 33 projects aimed at harnessing the power of environmental data to develop new solutions to problems faced by a range of UK businesses.

11 Feb 2014

Science Budget allocations 2015-16

Research Councils UK notes the allocations of the science budget for 2015-16, which have now been published.

11 Feb 2014

NERC signs MoU with multinational energy company Shell

NERC has today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with global energy company Shell.

7 Feb 2014

NERC invests £4.6 million in big data

Minister for Universities & Science, David Willetts, today announced £4.6 million of NERC investment that will let the UK research community take advantage of existing environmental data for science and impact.

6 Feb 2014

Research on the effects of storm surges on sand dunes to aid coastal management

Scientists funded by NERC will this week start research to find out how quickly sand dunes along the east coast of England recover from the erosion caused by massive storm surges like the one that struck the UK coastline in December 2013.

4 Feb 2014