Report highlights NERC achievements

11 March 2014

NERC has published its 2013 Impact Report.

The report, announced today by minister for universities & science, David Willetts, highlights the contribution NERC's £330 million annual investment in cutting-edge research, training and innovation makes to the UK economy.

Some of these contributions include helping to grow new small and medium-sized businesses in the UK, enabling responsible environmental management, supporting the government's industrial strategy, delivering resilient infrastructure, and providing top talent and skills for the UK.

The report provides specific examples of NERC science generating innovation, growth and public wellbeing across a range of industry and policy sectors, and explains how NERC supports and evaluates these beneficial impacts.

Impacts include a sediment core scanner, originally developed by NERC scientists for research, which is now used by regulatory agencies in environmental forensics and tracing pollution sources.

Another example details the input NERC scientists have had in maintaining pollinator services for agriculture, through understanding recent declines in pollinators and providing evidence required to revise UK agri-environment schemes.

Finally, the report explains how NERC research helps us manage the interdependencies between the natural, built and social environments that influence the UK's infrastructure.

Professor Duncan Wingham, chief executive of NERC, said:

NERC science supports the whole UK economy, fuelling innovation across many industry sectors. It also contributes broadly to public policy and wellbeing and responsible environmental management. Achieving this is a large part of NERC's strategy, examples of which are clearly demonstrated in this latest report.

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